Environmental Technologies and Power Engineering company

Ing.Liska  Motto:
        "It is in the interest of nature that the mankind, too, identifies a natural form of liquidation of its waste. Until this happens it is vital to facilitate the process by efficient technological means. Our company offers its know-how and its entire potential for the diversification of the current range of potential solutions that have been time-tested in practice. If our idea of the solution of your problems intrigued you, do not hesitate to contact us and we will establish a closer, correct and partnership cooperation..."   Marián Líąka, company executive and owner

Budova  Company profile:

    The company focuses on the development, construction, production and supply of the machinery and equipment designed to protect air and water resources against pollution by statutorily defined pollutants. Our domain comprises the design and implementation of the machinery "tailor-made" to the customer needs so as to ensure - with some reserve for the future - that statutory emission limits be complied with while providing for highest possible energy efficiency of the conceptual solution. The capacity of the equipment ranges from 500 to 100 000 (even more) Nm3 / hour.
   The strength of our company is also in the development, production and supply of organic heating carrier boilers (using oil as fuel to take heat conduction for heat supply). Hence the capacity of boilers ranges from 50 kW to 6 MW (and more). These boilers find their irreplaceable application in all places where the temperature of the heating carrier in excess of 200 °C is required, while the system is working virtually in pressure free regime.


Projekcia Our competitive advantages:

      One adavantage of our company is its highly experienced staff duly embodying the basic driving forces of progress - the theory coupled with practice and potentiated with invention and child-like curiosity for everything new. With the support of the cutting-edge technologies of our company you can thus access a vehicle for the most advantageous, promptest and cheapest solution of your problems. We ensure “turnkey” delivery of comprehensive works "made in Slovakia" which you will no doubt appreciate in the process of the preparation, implementation, launching in operation and during the guarantee and post-guarantee service provided for our equipment. We take it for granted and for our pleasure to be available to you and to work for you around the clock and throughout 365 days of the year. Equally it is a matter of course for us to work in a 3D environment design - in ProE, Acad - Inventor environment , or with SRTP provision through Simatic S7 and the visualisation in Visual Basic, Control Panel, etc.
      And finally, our major advantage: all this is available to you in an interactive version preserving for you the option to step in all phases of the work’s implementation and thus ensuring our joint success …

Desing History of the Company:

1990 - The company ENVITEAM is founded as a cooperative construction agency, since it was the only potential form of private business possible following the change of the political regime. Initially the name of the company was coined as reflecting the company’s main focus on Environmental procedures through teamwork action on humanizing mankind in relation to the nature. The logo of the company – equilateral triangle – becomes part of the company name, positioned indifferently on one of its vertexes in the focal point of which three attributes of life on the Earth come together: fire, air and water, with Enviteam by linking with the purifying flame setting itself the objective to contribute to maintaining this delicate stability. The successes that followed involved scores of customers whom we helped with categorising their sources of air pollution and in cooperation with whom we managed also to solve some, such as in Elektrokarbon Topoµčany.

1990 - At the end of the year, the legal form of the company ENVITEAM is changed from a cooperative agency to a joint stock company, changing the ownership relations with the coming of the foreign partner, the firm ENETEX GmbH. In working with the foreign partner, increasingly, the company Enviteam begins to solve more challenging tasks for our customers, including inter alia Izomat Nová Baňa or Orsil Častolovice.

1992 - A daughter company is established – tool rooms KOPLATEC, s.r.o. focused on the design, production of injecting forms and precise machine piece production.

1993  -  Search for a new face and the change of the legal form of the company from the joint stock to limited liability company, coming of the new strategic foreign partner  -   the firm  ENVIROTEC GmbH and the change  of   ownership relations.

1994 - 2008  The company gets firmly established on, both,  domestic and foreign markets. Setting up of a new and own company office near Bratislava  in   a small municipality Vysoká pri Morave , cca.25 km from the capital city  Bratislava. Using its own procedures and developing own devices such as   EKOMAT , ENVITSZ , ENVITHERM , ENVIKAT the company has attracted a broad range of domestic and foreign customers including such companies of stature  as  SLOVASFALT, IN®INIERSKE STAVBY,CESTY NITRA, COLAS, ILBAU,STRABAG, GUMON,ICOPAL,CHEMOSVIT,ELEKTROIZOLIT Cho»kovo, URALCHIMPLAST Niľný Tagiµ, SLOVNAFT and others. Acquisition and multiple validation of the quality control system  ISO 9001:2000. .

2009 - After years of cooperation with  Fa Envirotec GmbH the cooperation  came to an end and  ownership relations were changed. By taking this step our company, under the original logo of 1990,has now set out on its own journey paved with the experience of the preceding periods and its own innovative technologies for waste applications, such as  EnGlyCo - thermal incineration of waste glycol  from the  production of  methyl ester of oilseed rape (MERO), the principal raw material for the production of  biodiesel, etc. Provision for exclusive representation of the company in countries of the CIS through  company  ZAO ELEKTROIZOLIT DETAL Khotkovo Moscow region / RF, namely on the basis of mutual cooperation, ensuring  production, supply and service of  the Enviteam equipment.